Cast marble bathtub ARA with overflow

Freestanding bathtub ARA with integrated overflow made of cast marble. Bathtub waste and Click-Clack waste in chrome finish are included.

Combined black/white, Top Solid, Top Granit colours +25%.

Warranty: Evermite 10 years.

A B C D Capacity Technology Status Price Blueprint
1800 (mm) 813 (mm) 600 (mm) 437 (mm) 430 (l) EVERMITE O 2640.00 EUR
1677 (mm) 813 (mm) 600 (mm) 437 (mm) 330 (l) EVERMITE O 2580.00 EUR
1500 (mm) 737 (mm) 600 (mm) 437 (mm) 258 (l) EVERMITE O 2490.00 EUR

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